Testimonials for Chetna Chapanery

Testimonials for Chetna Chapanery
I tried online reiki for the first time and I really didn’t know what to expect as I had only heard of the word 'Reiki' in passing. I found the experience to be totally surreal. It was a very relaxing but a strange kind of wonderful experience. I felt a moving, tingling feeling through my body, almost like energy flowing through. When I woke up I felt totally relaxed, clearer in my mind and happier. Chetna, I absolutely loved it and will deffo be booking a full session. This is what's going to improve my life. ❤
Aysha Mulla
Chetna has a beautiful kind and very professional approach and put me at my ease so effortlessly and gently from the beginning as I was a bit nervous of what was going to happen as it was my first experience. She explained the process clearly and simply, and then guided me through the next steps. I felt so relaxed, calm and peaceful at the end, as if much tension had left my body. We briefly chatted about my experience and how I felt... I thought being online I wouldn't feel the connection so easily... I was wrong! I sensed a strong yet gentle healing energy around the areas we were covering, and the discomfort felt like it had dissolved away leaving me feeling soothed and in a great place, to gain relief in just a few minutes that I've been trying to achieve for weeks is quite an achievement. You are brilliant at what you do, such an expert in your field! Afterwards I had the most beautiful deep relaxing nap and continued to feel so relaxed through my body... something has definitely shifted and re-aligned. Thank you so much for everything Chetna. I will happily recommend you to others. Wishing you continued success and all the very best. 💖 ✨
Ann Messom
I have been in some discomfort with my back and during the lockdown I can’t see anyone so looked at alternative healing methods. I found Preston Reiki on Facebook so I enquired, to find out that Reiki healing can be offered distantly, I was very intrigued. Chetna explained very clearly, how it works and the benefits of Reiki. It sounded great and we arranged a time to suit me. It was my first time having Reiki healing and a therapy that can be offered remotely, amazing. Chetna made me feel at ease instantly with clear instructions and nice relaxing music. The session left me with a profound sense of relaxation and wellbeing, I had a great night’s sleep too. It’s different but something has worked and I’m feeling better. I would definitely recommend Preston Reiki, a very friendly & professional service thank you Chetna x
Prakash Mistry
I am a believer in accessing spirituality to speed up the process in anything in life, so I think this is a super combination to pair reiki with life coaching. The session was in two parts and all from a distance since I am in the United States. We did the reiki first, and that was very relaxing for me although I know Chetna was doing the healing work behind the scenes! The life coaching session was tailored to my specific need which for me is improving work/life balance. Lots of practical help and suggestions were offered, and hand-picked materials for further exploration. It was a very good combination of energy work and how it complimented practical experiential coaching. It catered to my specific needs and areas for growth. For example, I was needing more self-love, and Chetna recommended a special technique for tracing the symbol of a heart from my forehead across my body of different sizes. Doing these movements really felt the love energy coming into myself. She also offered me specific affirmations which helped me to shift my thinking from not having enough balance to bringing in the sense that my life is full of peace and balance. She offered worksheets which helped me to identify areas that were most in need of balance, which increased my awareness around these areas, such as my social life being out of balance which I had not realized, so this led me to start reaching out to friends and developing more activity there. Overall, the session created movement in my life and identified some areas that needed work, while offering solutions of more self-love and changed thinking aligned more with my goals. Thank you, Chetna!
Hayley Juster St Claire
Testimonials for Chetna Chapanery