About Me

I’m Chetna Chapanery, I like to share and help other people, especially women who have been through divorce or traumatic experience. I can help create change because I did that for myself. I am a trained Reiki Master and practising this since 2010. And after my personal experience in divorce myself, I now coach other people to create change and transformation to discover their true selves and potential through my Discover the Empowered YOU Programme

My background is in Science. I studied Biomedical Sciences at the University of Bradford but decided I didn’t want a career in lab work. After moving location after Marriage, I became a Dispensing Optician. And this was the beginning of my real journey. Seven years after that I separated and then divorced….

I have been brought up in a traditional Asian background in the city of Preston, Lancashire. My parents supported my education and taught me good values and morals. I believe in this society, one should have a good set of values. I value honesty, integrity, sound attitude, respect and trust. I believe we should help to create a better society by teaching our children about love, respect and understanding. We, as parents have role in helping them learn how to be good people and doing good things for themselves, others and our society.

My own marriage had ended after 10 years. Divorce was a painful and exhausting process. Looking back there were many lessons I had to learn during my marriage however the ultimate reason why I decided to separate was because I was deeply unhappy and felt like I was in the wrong marriage. (Why – e.g. that made me feel less about me.) I came out of it successfully through healing and coaching programmes myself.

Making the decision to divorce is not always easy. However, as I felt I couldn’t carry on with things as they were, it was the only option for me. Along this journey I gained new insights about myself and discovered an unknown inner strength that I never knew I had.

Life on the whole has supported me well and by eliminating negative energies and beliefs that no longer served me, I have created a New ‘me’ and a more happy and balanced life for my daughter and myself.

"I have taken professional training in holistic work and I can now share this understanding and knowhow with my clients"

For me, Reiki Therapy and Holistic therapy pulled me through a difficult period in my life. The sessions helped me gain clarity, relax and reduce the anxiety I was experiencing. I was also able to deal with solicitors and legal paper work with confidence and then take steps to reinvent me and create a life the way I wanted without any outside interference. I experienced reiki for myself in 2009 and after completing level 2 I began practicing Reiki on others. Now, I am a trained Reiki Master and have also been awarded a Life Coaching and Science of Happiness Diploma via Renaissance Training Academy.

Reiki and Life Coaching helped me tremendously and allowed me to rediscover the person that is the real me. I enjoyed the process of having new goals and by changing my mindset has helped me stay positive and balanced mentally, physically and emotionally. I gained a new freedom that was new for me and that made me feel strong and confident enough to be my own person and be fully capable of raising a child on my own. By making myself a priority I put myself in the driving seat of my life. Overcoming obstacles and different challenges were a big learning curve so now I can fully understand what these situations can entail and how to overcome them. Since then I have taken professional training in holistic work and I can now share this understanding and knowhow with my clients.